Teams Overview

Barnies provides the opportunity for all kids to play soccer

 From Under 7's to Under 18's and onto Seniors.

Boys and Girls

Three Integrated Elements to the Club


Community Juniors


Accelerated Development Programs



All three elements work together to allow a player to progess from Juniors to Seniors within a defined pathway


Being involved with a 'community club' still requires a commitment to Club and Team and being part of a team means being committed to that team.

So we ask of all players (and parents)

  • Turn Up
  • Be engaged
  • Notify the coach in advance if you can not make the session or game
  • Have respect for our volunteers time and for your fellow team mates and parents.


Because your kids, through sport, deserve to develop responsibility, accountability and respect 

And to achieve this ... they need your support and example.

Playing Philosophy

All team members will get playing time wherever possible.  It's not fun sitting on the bench week after week - so Barnies kids don't.

We try to ensure all kids get time to participate fully in the game and to experience the true feeling of being part of a team.

Now each age level has certain specific game time policies (and typically the older the kids get, game time depends more and more on their training efforts) - but we want all the kids to enjoy the game.

Accelerated Development Team

Players within the accelereated development teams will have slightly different playing time philosophies.  Where possible, suitable game time will be provided to all the players across the course of the season - however, there may be times during the course of the season where this game time is reduced if other developmental objectives are being sought.

Expectations on Parents

Please be aware that our coaches give up their time freely to coach and train your children.

As a way of respecting this effort, can you please ensure your children are ready and at training at least 15 minutes before the nominated time.

Please also be aware that the coaches are not baby sitters.  

As a Club, we expect and appreciate parents support and attendance at all training sessions.

Parents are also reminded of the need to pick up children promptly after the completion of the training session.