Our Club Committee


The Committee works to set strategic direction and policy forthe Club.

We set about to enable the Club to be run effectively by applying good governance principles and practices

Having a good strategy is consistently making those core directional choices that will best move you toward your hoped-for future.

In this sense, the objective of the Committee is to continue to consistently make choices that best move the Club toward how we want the Club to exist into the future ... a club where Soccer is 4 All.

Therefore, the key starting point of creating good strategy is getting clear about your challenge ... ensuring the Club remains a family friendly environment where soccer can be truly enjoyed by all.


We believe good governance is about the process of making and implementing decisions.

It’s not about making ‘correct’ decisions, but about the best possible process for making those decisions.

We believe good decision-making processes, and therefore good governance, share several characteristics.   In this sense, effective governance has a positive effect on all aspects of our Club including policies and practices, procedures, member and player conduct and good relationships with all associated parties such as the FFV and local Council.

The success of any our Club depends heavily on the effectiveness of the management of Club operations. 

Accordingly as a Committee we strive to make the right decisions and ensure the Club is able to exploit any opportunities open to it. At the same time, we aim to protect the Club by anticipating and acting against any threats to its welfare.

We forecast and plan to determine where the Club is going and organise the resources to meet these objectives.  We set out to decide what needs doing and how best to do it - so as to push the Club forward and meet all new as they challenges arise.

Our Committee


John Garforth

e: president @ bujfc.com

Vice President:  

Kim Camillleri

e: vp @ bujfc.com


Frank Camilleri

e: treasurer @ bujfc.com


Shona Taylor

e: secretary @ bujfc.com

General Committee:  Conrad Taylor

General Committee:  Deb Thomas

General Committee:  Darren Ianna

General Committee:  Paul Smyth


Our Coaching Sub-Committee

Technical Director:  

Ferran Barbena

e: td @ bujfc.com


Martin Lobb

e: coaching @ bujfc.com


Mark Britton

e: coaching @ bujfc.com

Coaching Sub-Committee members

Deb Thomas - Mini-roos, Goalkeeping Co-ordinator

Jonathon Pipke -  Transition Coach: Mini-roos to 11 a side

Steve Finlay -  Transition Coach: Mini-roos to 11 a side

About our Technical Director

Ferran Barbena is from Barcelona, Catalonia.  2018 represents his fourth season as our Barnies Technical Director.  

He has extensive playing and coaching experience in Catalonia, England and Australia.  

He is a former member of the Catalan and English Football Federations and is a current member of the Australian Football Federation.

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