Would you like to be involved in Coaching?

We are always looking for parents who would like to coach.

With our guidance and training, we can make it easy for you.

We welcome any new coaches stepping in, assisted by our Technical Director,

our more veteran coaches and the Coaching Sub-Committee.

Barnies is committed to helping all our kids reach their potential as footballers.

We also recognise that the skills and energy of the team coaches are critical to acheiving this goal.

To this end, we always welcome expressions of interest to help coach the kids.

In fact, what we are doing and aiming for, albeit humbly, is an honest, committed and school based Formative Football practice with short, mid and long term impact.  This is achieved thanks to the Club's wealth of receptive and generous coaches and their influence on the teams.

Below is some information to help you decide if you can help us with coaching.

- we'd love to have you as part of the team -

What's Involved?

1-2 Hours on a weeknight (Monday - Thursday) 

1-2 Hours on a Sunday (excluding travel time)

between March and September 

Head Coach or Assistant?

The Primary Coach needs to be able to attend both the training sessions and the games otherwise they cannot see how their training is being implemented, carry feedback and issues from games back to training.

Assistant coaches are a great idea to spread the workload and provide extra options for training.

Training and Support Provided?

Our goal is that we help develop our coaches in achieving formal FFV Junior Licences.  This benefits the Club, the kids and is a just reward for those volunteers willing to go that little bit extra.

Barnies will subsidise the cost of coaching qualifications, subject to approval by the Committee.

We also have a fully developed step-by-step coaching plan and curriculum that can be followed for training nights.

Register Your Interest

New parents to the game or with past experience in soccer and coaching

we would love to hear from you.

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