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Guiding Curriculum

Barnies has established a leading development curriculum

Stage 1 of Development:

The Discovery Stage

Designed for our youngest soccer stars .... this is all about Natural Football Development through games.

Our Coaching Philosophy

There are two core objectives for the development stage:

Objective 1 - Have fun

Objective 2 - Development

This is achieved through lots of fun game based activities (and plenty of penalty shoot-outs)

where the kids have fun and laugh whilst exploring the game.

Stage 2 of Development:

Skill Acquisition

Skill Aquisition directly relates to:

Objective 2:  Development

At this age (9-12), the kids are becoming more ready for 'structure' around training.

Accordingly, we now bring in core skills that they will take with them until their playing days are over

Skills Aquisition - although varied - revolves around 4 key concepts and skills

1. First Touch

2. One on One

3. Running with the Ball

4. Striking the Ball

Practice of these four key elements covers about 95% of the actions of players during a game.

Stage 3 of Development:

Game Training

Just because we are a community club, does not dimish our competitiveness or desire to win - it merely re-orders the intent of our coaching.

We continue to devlop skills (now based around realistic situaitons) and play to develop and have fun.

Our Coaching Curriculum

At this stage, we are preparing the kids for playing on the big pitch in a competitive environment.

Tactical awareness, decision making, positioning and realistic game situations are introduced.

Opponents, team mates, directions, rules and consequences ... 

Our four key areas of focus and development become about:

1. Playing Out

2. Attacking

3. Defending

4. Transitioning​​​​​​​

Our Recreational Curriculum

Where Soccer is 4 All

Our Performance Curriculum

Including Accelerated Development Pathways

International Pathways

Direct Pathways to International Opportunties