2017 AGM

Barnies held their 2017 Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 22, November, 2017.

Key points from the meeting included:

- The acceptance of our first 2 life members

- The announcement of our brand new Accelerated Development Program


Please read below for the President's Report 2017 - or click the button below to download it.

BUjFC 2017 AGM

Presidents Report

It is with a sense of satisfaction that I write this annual report sharing some of the activities and successes of the past season.  Whilst I draw attention to these activities, I apologize in advance if I miss certain events.

On behalf of the Club, I would like to begin by offering a sincere thankyou to our Committee, some of whom are concluding their Committee roles this year.  These positions are often under valued, under appreciated and often criticised.  However, it is important to remember that they are volunteer positions filled by people who get no greater reward than the satisfaction of contributing and making a difference.  We have had 10 Committee Meetings and many many meetings outside of these.

Stepping down during the course of the night’s proceedings are:

Martin Lobb – who has run football operations for the last few years

Laura Lobb – who has been our extremely efficient secretary;

Esther Conway – who has been our Club Treasurer; and of course

Dave Pettet – who has been President and also guided the Club over a number of years.

So to my Committee, thankyou for your efforts over the season.

Whilst thanking the Committee for their services, it would be remiss of me not to thank the many many other people, often working in the background, who keep our Club functioning.  Roles such as registration, barbeque duty, ball blower upper, training cone collector, storage container cleaner, our coaches and team managers … thankyou and well done. – your efforts are certainly appreciated.

As I review the year, I believe as a Club, we have continued to make progression towards lifting the overall standard of the Club in as many facets as we can influence. 

We have continued to work with Council to develop a brand new $4 million pavilion for JT Gray reserve, and to continue to improve the playing surfaces for the kids.  We are currently in discussion to obtain full year access to training facilities so as to enable those kids that want to … full year training and development.

We have improved the safety of the carpark exit at JT Gray with some no parking signs and put up warning signs in terms of hiding valuables within cars.  2018 we are investigating the installation of security cameras to further improve our members safety.

And talking of the kids …

The Committee negotiated the PUMA sponsorship agreement that saw the kids fitted out with brand new PUMA jerseys, shorts and the new full red socks.  We also received some 200 PUMA soccer balls as part of our ball replacement program.

The kids this year received PUMA spray jackets after least year receiving their hoodies. All of which has been positively received.

We can announce that for season 2018, the kids will be receiving PUMA sports bags to complement their outfits.

The ability to provide the kids this gear is in part to the ongoing sponsorships of Compton Green and Werribee Nissan – so I would like to take this opportunity to Adrian of Compton Green and Conrad and his team at Werribee Nissan for their continued support. 

We have also finished negotiations for a new Sponsor for 2018 – that being Peter Sadler Removals.  Peter Sadler Transport is a local business who offer personalised and respectful logistics and removal services – from homes to offices to interstate moves.

Sadler Transport will be the major sponsor of the kids new PUMA bags.  We welcome Peter and his team to Barnies and look forward to a positive relationship going forward.

In terms of on-field results, success Is not always defined by the win:loss ratio.  The vast majority of our teams finished in the top third of the ladder which indicates they are competitive and winning some games and losing some games.  But they are always competitive.

We should acknowledge the success of our Under 16B Girls team – under the guidance of Mark Pilditch and Steve Cross – who were grade premiers for 2017.

The coaching team has followed the curriculum and in doing so has seen tremendous improvement in the squad to take out the flag – so well done to Mark and Steve and all players and support staff involved.

All our other teams have shown improvement on the park with the roll out and following of our curriculum becoming more and more obvious.  The style of play across teams is becoming more consistent and is attributing to the overall increase in win:loss ratio successes.

The curriculum has continued to be refined over the course of the year.  2018’s curriculum is already finalised and will be released shortly.  We continue to encourage all 2018 coaches to follow the curriculum to the best of their ability, as the kids are the ones who most greatly benefit from this.

In this sense, we should be proud of what all the kids have achieved this year. 

(1) Two of our Under 16 team went on to play Seniors under the guidance of Charlie Egan, former soccer and now Senior coach of the Barnies Seniors

(2) Three past and present players achieved top 30 status in the Schools Victoria soccer team, with two of these players going on to be selected reserves for this team.

(3) The overall development standard of the kids is obvious when you watch them on a weekend; and as mentioned

(4) The Under 16B Girls won the flag.

On the social scene, this year saw our very first River Cruise. By all reports a fantastic night cruising up the Yarra River and a sold out event.  We also had our annual kids movie night – another sold out event.  The family fun day was well attended as usual and so we look forward to bringing you other social functions that are equally enjoyable next season.

~Charles Kendall Adams: American Educator and Historian

“No one ever attains very eminent success by simply doing what is required of him; it is the amount and excellence of what is over and above the required that determines the greatness of ultimate distinction.”

And in this sense, the success we have had this year is based on the amount of excellence, over and above that which is required, that has ultimately been the driver of the smiles on the kids faces.

However, by which ever measure we wish to use, I am confident that Barnies has once again had a very successful year and has continued to set the framework for longevity and sustainability.

Looking forward to 2018, Barnies will be implementing some major development pathways that have not been undertaken before within Australia.  From a football perspective, the successful integration of these development pathway objectives will promote Barnies as the major destination Community Club of the western Suburbs.

I thank the Committee for their support during 2017 and look forward to another exciting year in 2018.

David McGuire