Our Club History

The Funny Name

Both the name and strip come from a UK television programme called ‘Ripping Yarns’, featuring a number of the original Monty Python team such as Michael Palin and Terry Jones.

‘Ripping Yarns’ was made up of 6, 40 minute episodes totally unrelated to each other. In one episode called ‘Golden Gordon’, which is set in in 1935, they tell the humourous ‘yarn’ of a football team called Barnstoneworth United who in the Yorkshire Premier League,  had enjoyed outstanding success in the early 1920’s, but were now struggling.

Rather than persist with a team full of young players who are always getting beaten, all the players and the home ground are sold to a local scrap merchant, Mr Foggen.

Gordon Ottershaw (Golden Gordon) who is one of the few remaining loyal fans, determined to do something about it. Gordon dreams of Barnstoneworth being a great team again just like the Premier team of 1922, so in a last ditch effort, he rounds up all of the retired 1922 team members (who by now are geriatrics), and reunites them to play brilliant football once again.

From these origins a number of football clubs under the name of Barnstoneworth United, now exist throughout the world. For Australia there are five different Barnstoneworth United clubs in existence, in Sydney, Central Coast, Adelaide and Tasmania .

Barnstoneworth United Junior Football Club is Established

The founding members of Barnstoneworth United Junior Football Club really had one purpose - to enable as many kids to play soccer as possible.

During a period of unsettlement within Clubs, the Founders saw that increasingly kids where not able to play the game because:

  1. they were considered not good enough ... and sat on the bench week in week out; and/or
  2. they could not afford the ever increasing Club costs.

It was quickly identified that a significant portion of club fees where going towards paying Senior Players rather than being invested into the juniors.  And further identified that player favourites and the stronger kids where the children most likely to play each week.

The less developed kids and those not as athletically strong in their age groups - where missing out.

So in September 20009, Barnstoneworth United Junior Football Club was borne.  A Club based on Junior Participation only where irrespective of the level of sporting ability, ALL children would be welcomed.

To this day, the primary purpose of providing a Club where all kids can play the game of soccer, remains a cornerstone of the Barnies philosophy.

And with it - our guiding expression - soccer for all.

Our Club Principles

"To become the leading community based sports club in our region promoting fun, inclusion, equitability
and fair play within a friendly and healthy competitive environment."

To achieve this, our culture needs to reflect the ambition of our vision statement.

We have a fantastic and supportive volunteer base and our volunteers are genuine in their desire to assist the club move forward.  As a committee, we need to provide guidance so we all pull in the same direction and prevent the politics and cliques that can form when people are trying to help but have slightly different views.

To this end, it is important our views align and we have a coherent vision of what the club represent.  In response to many requests, the Committee have documented the Club's visions and aspirations, summary of the culture proposition and values supporting the culture.

The Clubs values are simple and logical:

  • The Club shall not discriminate on reace, gender or ability
  • The Club is inclusive and will encourage volunteer involvement in all aspects of our administration and management
  • The Club will offer football membership at a fair price
  • All the Club's processes will be administered ina fair and transparent manner.  Transparency will assist and prevent factions / cliques developing
  • The Club will engage with our community and will provide assistance to variousgroups where practicable
  • The Club will encourage fun and inclusion before winning at all costs.  Winning is an outcome of engaged players, good coaching, team spirit and individual skills. We want to encourage ALL our children to be the best they can be and to perform as well as they can but not through elitism or non-inclusive behaviour.

Team Selection

Team selection is probably the most contentious and possibly divise process that we have and needs to be absolutely transparant and performed as a group NOT as an individual.  We need to recognise the senstivities that coaches, parents and players have and therefore not encourage a view of elitism eg. one team is more important than another.

At Barnies, we have chosen to have team selection AFTER registration - this is an important differentiator of our club and should be promoted.  

The reasoning behind this process is we do NOT register on ability but on previous membership and the likely contribution of the parent.  It helps build our culture and therefore promotes the notion that being part of Barnies is more important than the team played for.  Fun for all is our objective and winning is an outcome.

However, we recognise that children need to be challenged and we also want a friendly competitive environment.  

To ensure we encourage the development of individual capability,  Barnies have adopted the FFV structure of Joeys, Wallabies and Kangaroos. This enables children to be challenged within their own age group rather than move up an age group.  It also ensures that players will participate with children of similar ability and thereby ensuring greater inclusion within the game ie. they have a chance of getting the ball.

There is a detailed mechanism already in place for selection and this will be posted on our website so parents understand how their children will be assessed.

In selection, we try to accomodate friendships however this is not always possible.  Where there is seperation of friends due to selection criteria eg. if one friend is selected for Joeys and another is selected for Wallabies, and this selection caused the child distress, then a choice needs to be made. We can not promote a Joey to a Wallaby but, provided there are no extenuating circumstances, we can put the friends together in the Joeys.  An option may be provided for the Wallaby's parent to have their child play in the Joeys. This becomes the parent's choice NOT a coaches issue.

The team selection needs to be supported by the coaching mechanisms.  Coaching can either reinforce elitism or act as the framework for inclusion.


Coaching is core to all that is the club.  Coaching by definition is assisting players to improve their skills, attitude and performance.

It is crucial that we have structure and discipline but mixed with humour and compassion.  Our coaches donate a significant amount of time to train our teams.  At a Club level we should encourage all players in the club to respect their coaches, each other and the opposition.  As part of this respect we should encourage children to be at training on time, listen to their coach's instruction, put in the effort so that other children can benefit and try to be the best they can be.  This will only occur if the children are having fun and if the fun is structured for all - one child's fun may be disruptive and unsettling to another.

At a team based level we should promote team value, fun, mateship and fair play.  We perform as a team whether we win or lose.  One individual does not win the game or lose a game.  Coaching should focus on individual player positions, strengths and weaknesses and ensure that the full squad gets equal game in accordance with the time policy.


As parents, we choose Barnies because of the culture, value and the standards that Barnies aspire to.  We all have an obligation to help the Club keep those core values.

We would encourage parents to have input into the club, through volunteering or providing suggestions back to the Committee on how we can improve things.

Please avoid criticism of players that are not your children.  Please do not encourage elitism or team exclusion eg. minimal use of substitutes, and please follow the Club's 'Parents' Code of Conduct' which was included within the registration pack.

We all put in a lot of time to make this Club great, with the right processes and support we can maintain the uniqueness that is Barnies.  There are many other local teams however there is only one Barnies.

Our Barnies Theme Song

We have two official versions presented below.

Admittedly, on match the kids celebrate with a theme song they know best!

For Our 'Junior' Juniors

For Our 'Senior' Juniors